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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yummy Mummy!!!

just this afternoon i was over at Mel's place, a close friend of mine since high school.. i really wanted to see her before she pops as she is due anytime soon... anyways, have you seen any mummy as yummy as her?? pregnant but still as slim as ever!! also, she just had a new hair do and she looked fantastic!! since i had my camera with me, i made Mel & her hubby pose for me.. both of them looked perfect together..

Mel, the yummy mummy to be---REAL SOON!!

the yummy mummy and me

mel & juyan

also, check out these 2 little cuties.. juyan's nephews, one 6 months' old and the other, 18 months' old.. they are both so so cute!!

only 6 months old and already so handsome

18 month old cutie pie

mel & juyan, I'm so happy for the both of you.. soon you will be welcoming a new edition to your family.. we can't wait to see a mini version of the both of you... congrats :)


Allen HP Tan said...

Sounds like ur getting "clucky" Mrs. Tan ;) hahaha

beetrice said...

she looks familiar...was she from Penaga or sth?