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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where do you head to when you arrive a new city??

On our little 4 month adventure, we managed to travel to a lot of places.

And every time we travel, we always look out for the local Hard Rock Cafe. Instead of getting those really expensive travel souvenirs like magnets and nonsense stuff that will eventually end up on the shelf collecting dust, we decided to just collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts, more specifically, the 'my very first hard rock cafe' t-shirts from each city that we visit that has a HRC.

HRC Hollywood (Los Angeles)

HRC Las Vegas

HRC Boston

HRC Foxwoods (Red Indian gambling city in the middle of nowhere just like Genting; in fact, Genting has a say in the design of this place)

HRC New York City

HRC London

HRC San Francisco

HRC Rome

HRC Barcelona

HRC Paris

So, now we have 10 Xtra Small 'My First HRC' T-shirts. Either we frame up each t-shirt with a picture of the city (that we have taken) or we have 10 kids to wear the t-shirts....

Bangkok will have one opening soon, so will Phuket and also one in Penang.... but now quite the boring, coz we can only collect from Asian countries only. But come to think about it, still got HK, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia.....

Will have to travel more!!


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