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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rome - Condensed...

Again, these are from the pictures i had printed. Too few, but it'll do la.

Rome is actually a really small city. The day we got there, we walked around and managed to walk to Trevi Fountain....then we walked summore, we found The Pantheon, and we walked summore, we found Colleseum!! If you can walk and find so many things to see, it either means that it's a small city or all the sites are concentrated in one area.

Everywhere you go, you're bound to bump into some damn old rocks and ruins. It's like being transported into the ancient world. But you still get the vespas scooting in and out of traffic.

The Pantheon

Gladiators used to die here

The Colleseum

i wonder how old that tree is, the ruins are damn old The Forum


A nice cold beer always good for quenching the thirst after a long day out in the sun exploring really old rocks

nice apartment facade

ecstacy of St Theresa, this is the church where one of the cardinals was burnt alive in Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons ROCK!! Aips was glad to have read the book in a record time of 3 days!!

The Fountain of 4 Rivers, where one cardinal was drowned in the book, but saved in the movie

one of the many angels in the thousands of churches in Rome. It is said that if you were to visit EVERY church in Rome, it'll take you 2 years....or something like that

And you can find Gelato EVERYWHERE!! So many nice, had it numerous times!!

even McD's have Gelato

more Gelato


Trevi Fountain during the day

Trevi Fountain at night

St Peter's Catherdral in the Vatican

This is where one of the Cardinals died from a punctured lung

inside of St Peter's

halfway to the top of St Peter's

from the top of St Peter's

deciding where to go next, completely worth the £6 we paid for the Rome guide book

At the bridge of Angels in front of the Castle of Angels where the assasin kept the cardinals

That's the condensed version of Rome. If you want more, wait for the Photobook version...


JustFern said...

niceee pictures!!! i miss Romeee!! did you all hair all naik when you were at St Peter's? haha

Boss Stewie said...


i took a picture of the fountain wtih my digicam and all i could see was darkness

stevetan; aiping said...

Fern: Hair naik?!!

Boss: buy an SLR la, or at least the new Olympus P-1....i want to do review and get a free camera... can ah? heheh

Anonymous said...

Dude your arms are sooo stretchy you're like Mr Fantastic!!

It's almost like you guys were in a studio whilst backdrops of Italy kept changing :)

how was Hoegaarden in KL??


stevetan; aiping said...

Martin: yeah!! All the photos look like i got plastic man/Mr. Fantastic arms!!

actually it was a green screen, no one uses backdrops anymore!!

Hoegarden in KL &%#@s!! Some bars have started serving it on tap now, but it's watered down!! so have to rely on bottled one now when the craving comes, if not, just settle for Tiger beer.

Counting down the remaining days of singlehood yet?

stevetan; aiping said...

Martin: iPhone 3GS is in Malaysia already! Price is RM2500 for 16GB (about £420) with no contract.