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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Barcelona - The Food

I was just looking back at the photos of Barcelona that i have and realized that the pictures from yesterdays post, is just the tip of the iceberg!! Got soooooooo many more photos that shows Barcelona.....i think it can possibly fill up a whole photobook also!! And that was just a 3 day 2 night stay summore...

So what's a Barcelona post without some pictures of the food we had right??

First day we arrived, was way past lunch time, just chucked our bags to the hotel and headed back into the city to the promise of cheap shopping at Zara, Mango and Camper. Zara makes some good men shirts too. Kinda forgot that we were hungry too....lucky there was salvation next door....a McD's!! HAHAHAHA

always must try a McD's in a foreign land to see if it tastes better with babi in it.....

And yes, it tasted just slightly better.

Actually, we were really stingy with our €, since our RM seems so small. But what the heck, when are we going to Barcelona again. So we stopped converting and treated everything as it is in €.

Guided by the list that Amy gave us, we embarked on our quest for good food. Thank goodness for Amy, if not for her, we'd never get to do Barcelona a bit like a local, especially the food and beach parts. Thanks Amy!!

She recommended us this place called Sagardi...loads & loads of tapas on the bar top, just take your pick and they calculate later....just like lok lok, just take what you want and the guy counts your lidi (sticks)...same la, only here they use toothpick....hehhehh

beer on a hot afternoon, and tapas.......

sagardi, took us a while to locate this place, must bring gps next time we travel....

the tapas spread

Quite ok, but the bill came up to be about 30€ for a couple of 8 or 9 tapas and 4 beers.....NEVER CONVERT to RM!!

That was our 1st indulgence in good Spanish food.

The next day after spending too much on the entrance fees to the Gaudi attractions, we decided to spend less for food, so we went to another fast food place, but at least this one was local and had jamon!!!

the fast food sandwich place .... this is a jamon sandwich, part of a meal set, 2 sandwiches, 2 cokes and 1 fries for 8€

Later that day, nearly about dinner time, we passed by this courtyard. I think I've seen it before in some travel review or something, it had nice restaurants and some street performances and all that but we resisted the temptation to spend too much for our dinner.

nice place to chill and people watch

But later at night, after a whole lot more walking and looking for cheap food....we realised that it's going to be our last dinner here in Barcelona and decided to just #%@* it and just spend la!! We're not coming here again till we're 60 years old...yeah, we want to come back just to see the finished La Sagarda Familia!!

examining the prices first!!

chorizo, meatballs, calamari....and beerrrr!!


churros glasses!!

money well spent. Although the churros could have been better if we had ordered chocolate sauce to dip it in. Oh well......

The last day, we went to the famous Boqueria Market to see the cured babi and all that and we stumbled to this place that was quite packed. And since it's quite packed, and the food smelt nice too, we also kiasu and just sat down and ordered la.

fried potatoes with some spicy mayo thingo....good!!

meatballs again...with some spicy sauce

chorizo with some other spicy sauce

sauteed mushrooms with garlic

the aftermath!!

this was just at the next stall, but we were just too stuffed to eat more, i want jamon....

where to get jamon in KL??


Allen HP Tan said...

El cerdo!

mk said...

i think you can try pinchos or el cerdito in cangkat bukit bintang =)


stevetan; aiping said...

el cerdo i know....

el credito? is it like el cerdos brother?

Maureen, since when you bake cupcakes?? and congrats on the new addition to the family!!

mk said...

it's el cerdo's baby. haha..
it's a tapas bar next to el cerdo.
I am the only non-contributing member to the blog. haha. and thanks

Gillian said...

Yeah yeah.... I agree Steve! Try El Cerdo .... probably will have... And don't forget ur cuzzin works next door and remember to invite me too ;>