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Saturday, December 12, 2009


A new addition....not mine la! too fast!

Karen & Pang Wu new addition, Ilyssa..... was introduced to the world on 4 Dec 2009. Another little princess for the both of them. Hope Isabel doesn't get jealous too much....

Here are some pictures of the lil one when we visited them last week.

breast milk is always the best!

just because we wanted to see how small she was...

such long toes....supermodel quality

so much hair

confirmed to be tall la, long fingers too

karen was up and running the day after giving birth

Congrtulations the both of you!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

No more excuses....

no more excuses.....

nike+ sensor bought....

iPhone 3GS activated....

sensor installed into shoe....

oh wait!!

no power song yet!!....


tomorrow la!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


that's the word....AIYO!!

Been ages since this blog was last updated.

The 'restart' that was the last blog post also didn't happen.

This blog will be filled with new life soon....

stay tuned!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Put on the running shoes again...

Need Nike+ band??

See how long this health streak lasts....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hari Raya 2009....and HOT triplets!

Azareen, had her last Hari Raya open house, coz next year, she's going to be in Melbourne....she's going to learn to put make up professionally. heheh. like that also can!!

Anyways, as usual, no food pictures, but got pictures of HOT TRIPLETS!!

Even tough they look 'slightly' different with varying skin colors, height and size, they still try to make it a point to at least dress similarly.

Here you go, the 3 hot triplets....

aips, pia, lena

and then meifern and jinee wanted to join in the fun, while pia went for a breather

Then, since the ladies were already in their Sunday best, they decided to torture their respective partners to join in the 'fun'

lena & nick (who has embraced the Malaysian tradition of going kaki ayam)

the melbournians without the ozzie accent, meifern & justin

and the ever hot couple, justin 'sticky fingers' & pia

and our 4 month old bun in the tum

and the obligatory 'girls only' pictures

for pictures of the yummy food (nasi impit, rendang, satay, mee udang, roti jalan, kari ayam and pulut with durian (my favourite!!) look for lena ng!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

In session...

Fifoto 101 in session...

Anyone need coffee to stay awake?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Can I blog on the go?

Would this app allow me to blog when I'm stuck in traffic?

If u can see this, means I can!

How could we have lived before the iPhone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my iPhone 3GS

I have been lusting for the iPhone since the very first day that Steve Jobs announced it in June of 2007 (i think). Couldn't get one last time coz didn't want to jailbreak it and risk turning it into an expensive brick.

Held out when the iPhone 3G started selling in HK unlocked.

And when we were in the UK, didn't get it coz it would have meant no fish & chips and beer. So i still kept sane and not got it at an instant, although the very first day out in London, i headed out to the nearest Carphone Warehouse to look at it....and oni!!! Put on the credit card!!

And then maxis announced that it was going to launch the iPhone 3G in March when we were in London. I was thinking, I'd buy it in an instant if i was back in KL.

Then we went back to KL at the end of May.

By then rumours of a new iPhone was already making its way around the Internet.....front facing camera, matte back cover, faster processor, available in colors and much more.

Then in July, it came out, the iPhone 3GS. Nothing much new except the video camera, compass and the voice control.

Then maxis announced its arrival.

Stupid me didn't pre book it thinking that it's going to be easy to get. How stupid.

Anyways, to cut things short, after a month waiting after i booked my iPhone 3GS, it finally arrived!!

Finally, MY iPhone

and it's a 3GS, 32GB

unboxing it
(re-enactment coz they unboxed it at the maxis centre itself)

sync-ing it

the last i saw of the white back of MY iPhone 3GS, i quickly wrapped it up with a case....

So how's the experience so far?

Know why the blog has not been updated in a long time? That's coz the iPhone takes up too much of my time with all the nonsense free games, the Facebook-ing anytime and anywhere, and all the twittering (sibuk, want to find out what people are doing!!), and am still editing my contacts, the copying of the SIM from my Sony Ericsson messed up the names and numbers a bit.

I'm currently hooked to this game called Harbor Master and Tap Tap Revenge 2!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It finally arrives

After one failed car loan application, and one successful one, and weeks of waiting, the Lion finally arrives.

Yup, we took delivery of the Peugeot 206 (or locally known as the Naza 206 Bestari).

Not wanting it to be a Naza, we replaced all Naza logos with Peugeot logos, front & back lions were RM260. The car salesman also tempted aips with Peugeot rim caps....and someone got suckered into buying those too!! hahheheaheha

more proper pictures to come, this was shot while waiting for the car salesman to clean up the car before delivery. Photos taken with MY brand new iPhone 3GS!!! Woohoo!! Finally got it after weeks of waiting for it too!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new addition....

coming soon......TODAY!!!

re-edited: False alarm.....another 10 days

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Experiencing Miniaturization

Just last weekend i was at a Kent event held at "orange"... i was thinking to myself, isn't that place already DEAD or something!!!.. anyways, i was wondering how come Kent would want to hold an event there.. so i went there with low expectation but to my surprise, the whole set up was FANTASTIC!!!
was responsible in transforming the whole look and feel of the club... they are damn good!! konyun, jwan, hanwei & the rest of the team did a magnificient job.. the DJ console was the BOMB!! me likes!!!

happening DJ console

retro dance floor.....reminded me of saturday night fever

people grooving to the music

Twilight action girl was playing that night and they were awesome!!! never knew their music was sooo good... what to do, nowadays damn aunty already.. don't go clubbing anymore... those were the days when i partied till late and could still wake up for work the next day... now tak boleh already.. it will take me a couple of days to recover from one night of partying... shit, i'm getting OLD!!!

Twilight Action Girl in action

managed to sneak a peak from behind the DJ console

orange transformed....view of the outside

anyways, after 2 drinks (POTENT 42 below) or so, i decided to head home as i was looking forward to watch "True Blood".. i'm so freaking hooked to this show it's not funny.. but i'm still wondering how come ASTRO approved this series as every episode has a sex scene.. well, no point watching it on ASTRO as you'll probably be missing 40% of the show.. hahahaha..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally....a new ride

After the numerous test drives, after the numerous deliberation on which car to get, after shortlisting the cars that we deemed good, we finally did not get any that we short listed!!!

And after saying that we were not going to pay RM60k for a Proton, we did!!

See the pattern here?? hehehhe

So in the end, we got the Persona SE in Haze Blue. We needed the car immediately so this was the only car that could be delivered within such a short time and the only car that we can afford at the moment.

15 July - Got offer letter from new job, put booking fee for car
21 July - Bank loan approved
22 July - Paid 10% deposit for car
29 July - Car delivered!!

Exactly 2 weeks from the time i booked the car and the time i received the car.... thank goodness. Now i don't have to do the DJ-Mid Valley-NKVE (DJ entry) - NKVE (Seafield exit) anymore...!!!

first refuel for the car...

new car smell + smell of the leather

the meter panel so small...

And hopefully in a month's time, we'll get to smell ANOTHER new car smell.... the old junk petrol guzzling body breaking satria has gots to be retired!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rome - Condensed...

Again, these are from the pictures i had printed. Too few, but it'll do la.

Rome is actually a really small city. The day we got there, we walked around and managed to walk to Trevi Fountain....then we walked summore, we found The Pantheon, and we walked summore, we found Colleseum!! If you can walk and find so many things to see, it either means that it's a small city or all the sites are concentrated in one area.

Everywhere you go, you're bound to bump into some damn old rocks and ruins. It's like being transported into the ancient world. But you still get the vespas scooting in and out of traffic.

The Pantheon

Gladiators used to die here

The Colleseum

i wonder how old that tree is, the ruins are damn old The Forum


A nice cold beer always good for quenching the thirst after a long day out in the sun exploring really old rocks

nice apartment facade

ecstacy of St Theresa, this is the church where one of the cardinals was burnt alive in Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons ROCK!! Aips was glad to have read the book in a record time of 3 days!!

The Fountain of 4 Rivers, where one cardinal was drowned in the book, but saved in the movie

one of the many angels in the thousands of churches in Rome. It is said that if you were to visit EVERY church in Rome, it'll take you 2 years....or something like that

And you can find Gelato EVERYWHERE!! So many nice, had it numerous times!!

even McD's have Gelato

more Gelato


Trevi Fountain during the day

Trevi Fountain at night

St Peter's Catherdral in the Vatican

This is where one of the Cardinals died from a punctured lung

inside of St Peter's

halfway to the top of St Peter's

from the top of St Peter's

deciding where to go next, completely worth the £6 we paid for the Rome guide book

At the bridge of Angels in front of the Castle of Angels where the assasin kept the cardinals

That's the condensed version of Rome. If you want more, wait for the Photobook version...