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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Back to our regularly scheduled programming......

last weekend, the shiny, happy bunch from Mindshare Interaction went out to have a 'stress releiving' shooting each other with vegetable oil filled paint balls!!

part of the shoot squad

girls + guns

aips makes a dash to 'capture' the white flag

aips 'capture-ed' the white flag, but got shot in the head (notice the flying hair) her own team!!

aips surrender-ing!!

bonnie making the run......she got it!!

casualities of .... balls!

tending to the wounded


check the paint out of the marker (the gun)!!

joanne .... just missed a whizzing paint filled ball!!

andrew making a daring last stand!!

and entertaiment by the clown after the war....

'elton' showing off his shooting skills......"look, no eyes!!"

'elton' being shot coz his jokes were not funny enuff....

the war-ing parties!

Mindshare Interaction & friends

After everything.....bruises and sweat drenched clothes aside, we went to eat a damm fullfillling lunch......

sorry, no pictures....too hungy!!

that's why i can't be a food blooger!!

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