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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All is good again....

Goose New!!!

1. We finally got back our re-issued passports.

2. We got back our WHM Visa (altough we had to re-submit ALL the bank statements and such alllllllll over again.

3. We're going for a trip soon!!

a quick belief:
a tiger, a dragon and a horse in a family = good luck!
dragon = steve
horse = aips
tiger = ?? 2010 baby.... in the meantime......

i wonder if the 'jami tiger' helped changed the way things are going!!


Gia Min said...

WoooHooooooo!!! Congrats once more!
Thank god everything is back to what it was again. So so luckkkyyyyyyyyyy!! So
when do you leave now?

milly & angrew said...