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Saturday, August 30, 2008


So, we arrived at Melbourne.....all safe and sound although a bit tired and having to walk out of the airplane at 7am in the cold Melbourne winter morning and collecting our baggage's in a outdoor baggage carousel....

already in the safe confines of the real Melbourne airport waiting for fernny fern fern and wendy bendy to arrive

the first thing that aiping needs.....a AUD$4 coffee....that's bloody RM12 man....!! die la, cannot convert from AUD to RM, we won't be eating anything if we do that!!

Maribyrnong......which sounds like Mary Burung......we've finally arrived, for sure coz we don't see trees which have no leaves....B E A U T I F U L!!

wendy bendy, got space inside the house, you want to sleep outside next to the car so that you can look out for your 307 CC dream car

justin chan in his green house office

wendy bendy in the cold Melbourne winter morning

fernny fern fern doing a lena beena...."look at me, take a photo"

going out to execute Surprise No.1

since we can't afford to fly to Uluru, have to make do with this uluru looking building la

A bit of some back story to Surprise No.1. GiaMin, have been living in Melbourne for the past 12 years albeit the shuttling back and forth to KL yearly....anyways, she has been asking us to come visit her for the past 12 years la, and we always say cannot la, coz the flights are too expensive la, no money la, this la, that la...... you know la.

So, since MeiFern was going over to visit Justin and we found some cheap-er tickets over at tiger airways, we decided to finally go over la....

so, with careful planning and teamwork with Lena beena, we made giamin think that MeiFern, Wendy. Lena and another friend was going over.....

Giamin did not suspect ANYTHING!!

aips, hiding at the corner of where we were supposed to meet up

didn't have any pictures of the surprise (might post the video when we eventually edit it) but all i can say is that i may have gone deaf in one ear and also have some crushed ribs

i am not crying ok....

the italian restaurant in a alley of an alley that we went to

some kinda pasta....don't know the name, whack only

of coz, what's dinner without BYO wine

playing back surprise no.1

after 12 years, i finally made it to Melbourne

sex shops....wooohooooo

trees without leaves.....NICE!

Surprise No.2 was aiping's brother, Justin Kui, who has been here for a year and a reaction la, lousy bugger, so stoned!! No fun, no reaction!!

the 2nd surprise-ee

Some posing posing pictures around the city

off to some drinks and cigars....

the re-united couple

cigar lighting

the heaters, looks like some kinda contraption where you can cook kebabs, so if you were to surround people with these heaters, we could be human kebabs


that's the end of day 1 in Melbourne, 11 days more to enjoy this freezing cold winter weather.

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Gia Min said...

ahem! it's 13 years steve. tiga belas tahun!! surprise no. 1 for me was absolutely priceless. good job guys! i can still remember clearly how i felt and how confused i was. my heart was pounding for hours!!! now, i want to see the edited version of the video from wendy. thanks for being in melbourne to see me! it was so special and dear to my heart. the best surprise ever in my life! so glad we went everywhere & that you both enjoyed every single bit of it. missing the both of you very, very, very much.