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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre Wedding in Rawa by Fifoto

Last week was quite fun as i had quite a number of shoots with Fifoto. The most interesting of it all is the pre-wedding shoot at Rawa Island just off Mersing!!

Wooohooooo!! Another Fifoto beach holiday/ photo shoot in 2 months!!

Anyways, it's actually off season right now, meaning not many people go to islands during this time as it is nearly monsoon and the sun may not come out as often you'd like it to come out when you're at a beach.

So, on the 2nd day of the shoot, as we were lying on the beach getting some tan & sleep, we could see very dark clouds on the horizon. And the winds, really strong that the hammock that i was on, was actually swinging!!

The couple said to Fiona, i don't think we'll be able to shoot this evening as the clouds will be unleashing it's wrath soon. But Fiona being Fiona, just casually said "No problem, it NEVER rains on Fifoto shoot!! We'll shoot late."

We waited and waited, tanning and playing in the sea and no rain was to be seen! and then it was time to shoot!!!

The moral of the story is, on Fifoto shoots, it never rains!! I'm beginning to think that Fiona was a witch doctor in a past life.

Here are some of the non-pre-wedding photos that i took... for more of the pre-wedding photos and other wedding photos, check out the Fifoto blog here.

the nice deck to chill out at

the bridal bouquet

some nice rocks and dead tree

the view that welcomed us after the hike up the hill that nearly killed me

the lone coconut tree on the way down from the hill

the beer that was badly needed after the hike up the hill!!

another boat ferrying more people to the island

me....enjoying Rawa's attraction, the slide off the jetty!! i really liked it that i went on it countless of times!!

thanks bruce and hsuan for the great time that we had at your 'special' island!!

Check out Fifoto blog for much more pictures!!

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