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Thursday, October 2, 2008


1st day of Hari Raya, no houses to crash for some rendang, ketupat and lemang. So we did what any Malaysian bored out of their wits do, go to the Ampang lookout point.

Arrived quite early, not so many people......yet!! climbed the lookout tower there, saw some couples making out (hehhe, exgeratting as usual!), families trying to take picture of themselves with the view in the background (don't think boleh la!) and some viewing the artwork left by past visitors on the tiang of the lookout tower.

So, unloaded stuff, set up equipment, like professional like that, and started taking pictures of these 3 vain girls......

aips, meifern, lena

and was coaxed to get into the picture....colin on the farmost right

superstar caught offguard

headed to one of the restaurants there....the only one open, it's called GASoline.....aips thought it was Gas Online?!!??! Can there ever be a online restaurant?? and don't ask about the me!!

the grilled cheese chicken miniature....the picture on the menu was WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better!! quite dissapointing, better to have the SS3 Chicken Chop.

same as above but just different timing....

Tried taking some HDR shots, High Dynamic Range i think, and this is the result. Either i don't know how to process it or the weather was not really good. Too many clouds perhaps????

5:00pm HDR

7:30pm HDR

Driver, navigator, photographer......o how they make full use of me!!!


WaiKit said...

woi.. panggil la lain kali...

stevetan; aiping said...

bro....if i ask you to come, you must bring along your passport's the other end of the world from your place!! hahahah

gijster said...

Steve, Nice HDRs, especially the one @ 5pm.

Allen said...

hahaha... GPS-STEVE BOLEH!!!