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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yummy Mummy 2!

Check out Wendy, another YUMMY MUMMY!!... 7 months ago, Melissa was our first Yummy Mummy and when we first posted up Mel's picture on our blog, our traffic spiked tremendously... since the blog is somehow making a comeback, we decided that it needed another boost hence Wendy has the honour of being Yummy Mummy number 2!

meet Wendy, the yummy mummy no. 2

meet Wendy's little boy, who's probably sleeping comfortably in her belly

the little one is actually the main star of the shoot!!

she's 7 months preggers and still looks as hot as ever!! Both Charles & Wendy were naturals... the moment steve pulled out his camera, they started posing already. they are very experienced as they have had numerous shoot for their wedding (wendy's dad is one serious hobbyist photographer!!)... it was really fun shooting the both of them.. oh, i mean the 3 of them.. kekkeke...

see what i mean by natural!!!

Daddy Charles can't wait for his little one to speak to him!

Mummy & Daddy's has already gotten a cute little shoe!!

snuggle, snuggle!! btw, i've tried lying down on their bed and it was the most comfortable bed ever!!

wendy & charles, we are so happy for the both of you... soon you both will be welcoming a new edition to your family.. a little "tiger" boy... we can't wait to see a mini version of the both of you... congratulations!!!...


Lena said...

BEautiful pics! the tummy looks scary!

Gia Min said...

Wendy! U r looking so HOT! Vavavoooom!! Congratulations to you & Charles! :)

Demon said...

waa! is 7-months a good err.. "size" for nice maternity pics?

stevetan; aiping said...

Errr.... no fixed rules I suppose. As long as it's nice and round and with no possibility of waterbag popping at anytime