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Monday, March 30, 2009

Austin TX, we're eating our way into America!!

We have been in Austin, Texas for the last 5 days. Austin is a college city. What did we do in Austin?

We eat!!

and EAT!!

and EAT summore!!!

Man, we've never eaten so much food!!!

Let me list it all down, in order.

Krispy Kreme - name says it all, we even got FREE doughnuts FRESH (Fresh as in the glaze just glazed the doughnuts and was picked off the conveyor belt!!!)
Chick-fil-A - A Christian Fast Food Chicken outlet
Chuy's - A Tex Mex place with enchiladas and quesidillas and much better than Chilli's!!
Malaga's - A Spanish tapas bar with really great Calamari!!!
Plucker's - Crazy Chicken Wings Bar where we ordered 100 wings!!! (15 of which were 'Fire-in-the-Hole wings which was like eating chili padi X 100!!)
Amy's - Amy of Austin's homemade ice cream, very rich!!
Rudy's BBQ - BBQ place serving DAMN JUICY beef briskets, rib and much more stuff!!!

No pictures of all this food coz as usual, food came and i dug in first!!! Anyways, i didn't want to get my camera dirty so if i can steal the pics from Fiona's cam.....

And we finally found an American Beer which was quite good...

Shiner Bock Beer - USD$2 a bottle during college nights on 6th Street.......VALUE!!!

Just one picture to prove that we were there......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hollywood Swingin'

Los Angeles, the city of Angels....we were here!!

Didn't realise California was such a big state!!

We drove down to LA from SF....we took the coastal highway, the scenic route....took 14 hours!! Crazy!! We did make a lot of of them in Carmel, where we were sucked into the twilight zone (also known as the Coach Factory Store!!) which made is lose 3 hours!!

Anyways, highlight of the trip was:
- Going to Universal Studios, taking the famous studio tours where Jaws comes out at cha!!!
- Had too many Burgers at fast food joints till we maxed out on burgers!!!
- Meeting famous Orange County Wedding Photographer Jasmine Star AND having breakfast with her!!!
- Passed by Disneyland by the Highway and vowed to go there ... someday
- Got lost in LA trying to find Beverly Hills & Rodeo Drive (gave up eventually for fear of accidentally driving into the 'bad' part of town!! will try again next time)

But we did get a picture of the famous Hollywood sign.....

Such a waste that we didn't take a picture of the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre which we passed by when trying to get to the Hollywood sign....

Will blog in detail when we take time out from all these travelling....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Postcard Row.....with Love from SF

From our localized tour with Yen Ming yesterday....we pretty much covered a lot of San's a few of the more famous sites we went to yesterday.

Postcard Row; i think they used this image for Full House the TV series.

The Rock; Alcatraz

Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Fran...

View from outside our window when we woke up this morning......

the apartment facing the wrong side, can't see the Golden Gate Bridge....


Going to go look for San Francisco Coffee.....(or is that a Malaysian Brand??!!!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


One weekend (quite a while back already), the weather was really good. So Wyles asked us to go ber-picnic at Kensington Gardens. So instead of just chilling in our room, we decided to not waste the day and go ahead to ber-picnic....

why waste a good sunny London day by staying home???!!

So we tapau-ed Fried Chicken for the picnic. And Wyles brought DAMN CUN (Martin, cun as in chun, not cun as in c*&T!!!) porky (shit! forgot what it's called....the one you eat for starters at El Cerdo??!!!), cheese, bread, salad and Profiteroles!! Trust Wyles to give us the 'experience'!! The last time we met up on a weekend to have Breakfast/Brunch, the bill came up to £75 for the 3 of us....but the food was REEEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLLYYYY GOOD!! Too bad i didn't bring my camera that day.

Little did we know, that by the time we really started ber-picnic-ing, the weather went downhill and started to get cold.

So we decided to walk walk in the quest to find coffee.....

We were introduced to the richer parts of London....where the Toffs live....

so royal

with expensive cars

and posh looking houses

TV vans outside a hospital, i think they're covering a reality show, the star of the show, Jade Goody is suffering from cancer and is living her last days....and it's all on live TV....for all of UK to watch someone dying...

So we found a place to have coffee and it turns out to be a convenient!!

It would probably seem that we are here in London just to have beer and holiday.....we're not ok, just that work hasn't found us yet....or we haven't looked hard enough for work....hehheh

So after an uncountable amount of pints.....and not realising that it's past dinner time already, we balik lor... it was a nice London day...

The REAL St Patrick's Day

17th March, St Patrick's Day but we were leaving London on the very same day. So being kiasu, we managed to find an Irish Pub in Heathrow airport. Mind you, our flight was at 9:20am, and we arrived at we had breakfast..... with Guinness and Beer!!!

Just because it's St Patrick's Day....(actually aips just wanted to get the Guinness Hat to add up to our collection of rubbish)

After that, we were off to the land of the free!!

some part just above Washington or Boston

Virgin Atlantic was quite good, fed us well. And got drinks too.

and got TV on each seat, the bad thing was that it was not on-demand and the movies we watched already......

So, we have safely and successfully gone through immigration (lucky they never deport us...heard too many horror stories about US immigrations!!) and are currently waiting for another flight to get us to San Francisco.

And the food here is DAMN ex!! At least USD$10 per person, die la, summore the exchange rate for USD to MYR is going up to nearly 3.8!!!

So till we see Golden Gate Bridge.....(why is it not called Red Gate Bridge since the bridge is red and not Gold???...stupid question, ignore it!!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patrick's Day in Trafalgar Square

15th March 2009, not really St Patrick's Day, but they celebrated it early anyways. There was some parade in the morning but we missed that and just went to the festival instead looking for cheap Irish food and cheap Guinness!!

The festival was at Trafalgar Square and they closed off some road, a lot of roads actually. The bus that we normally take also had to stop like 2km we had to walk all the way to Trafalgar Square!!

Thank goodness the weather was good and the sun was shining, it made the walk just much more bearable.

And this is what greeted us when we reached there....

crowds in green!! with Guinness and beer!!

it was a pretty amazing day, first time can go sleeveless!!

The portable Irish cheap Guinness and beer....more ex than normal pub too!!

DAMN a lot of people!!

the stage....not so famous (or we don't know about them) bands performing. Only knew ONE song they played towards the end of the festival.

This was the start to the sea of green and alcohol.

Many Leprechauns came out to play

we settled for lunch at a pub first and a Guinness to celebrate St Patrick's Day

Irishmen with their kilts and bag pipes

some Guinness girls

green green day

Irish hog roast

this is the product, pork roll

aips, excited about being able to drink beer in public!!

DAMN a lot of people

we were here!!

the bar was DAMN busy, EVERYONE was drinking!!

err....stressed, not used to drinking in a public area

some of the chick next to aips

we bought beer from Tesco...hehhe

drunk people started getting into the fountain!!

mini leprechaun hat

Guinness hat

more green and Guinness hats!

more hats!!

everyone was dressed in green!

a lot of people mabuk already

this old man already DAMN mabuk!!

this is how St Patrick's Day should be celebrated!!

green fountain

the aftermath!!

Malaysia also should have St Patrick's Day like this!! DAMN fun, they should make it like Sunburst kind of big! And have ice cold Guinness on tap all day long. Although it may not be so nice coz it's a bit too hot there. For once, being in a cold weather-ed country is nicer to back home.....

I wonder if they have made St Patrick's day more fun this year?