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Friday, March 6, 2009

Paris preview

We're back from was a good trip, DAMN tiring, but it was a good trip. We walked and walked and walked (coz we were too cheapo to buy the metro tickets for 3 days) and walked summore. We only had the unlimited rides metro ticket for 1 day and shared a carnet (book of 10 tickets) of Metro tickets between the both of us.

Loads of pictures, i'm sorting it out now but here's a few from the last day we were there.

The view from the top of Arc de Triomphe. Damn, during this trip we climbed A WHOLE DAMN LOT of steps!!

Girls favourite store. Damn a lot of asians come here to shop that they even have a few Japanese and Chinese sales advisors. I think half the customers were from Japan and Taiwan or China!! No, i did not get aips anything from here....who said LV was cheap in Paris!!

Everything is in French!! The description in the musee's and monuments also ALL in French!!! If you're lucky, then some places may have leaflets of the description in English....only if you're lucky. Hrrmm.....maybe they don't have it in English so that people have to spend 5€ for the audio guides......

no Holy Grail down there (damn you Dan Brown!!!).....the inverted pyramids are actually in the underground shopping complex adjoining the Lourve. Managed to get this photo when no one was touching the DAMN pyramids

yeap, we joined in with all the tourists to catch a glimpse of the most famous lady (or is it a man) in art. Also tried finding the painting where the museum curator in Da Vinci Code laid down spread eagle and wrote secret message with his own blood so that we could get a picture of me lying down in the same position....didn't manage to do it, coz i couldn't remember which painting it was!!

Check back everyday from now, there WILL be more posts on Paris coz i took a whole damn lot of pictures!!


WaiKit said...

Je ne parle pas fran├žais hehehe

Glad that you enjoyed Paris. i still think it looks like Chow Kit hahha

Fiona said...

the first photo - looks fake again!!! Looks photoshopped but it's probably straight out ya camera!
10 more days to USA!!

stevetan; aiping said...

Kit: Yeah, actually it does. It looks old and dirty, and then can see groups of middle age asian woman standing around....i think they're prossies....

Fi: it's not fake, it's just a HDR. Multiple images at different exposure combined into one picture so that you get the darks and the lightest parts of the picture together.

Wuthecleaner said...

Good boy, you started using DAMN instead of DANG! :)


Gillian said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, when I went to France I learnt that 1) everything is in French and 2) the French ppl don't like you if you speak English!

Wei, why so many 'damn' wan? Bad language-ing!