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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Peegies have arrived!

Our 'The Peegies' t-shirts have finally arrived from Singapore!!

I'm a Salamy while aips is a of us in our Peegies will be up soon.

Want your own Peegies t-shirts??? get one from over here.

Thanks Gijs & Jaime!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aips the pweety girl

This is the 3rd time aips has gone to Milka at the Qube to get her hair cut short. Every time she comes home, her hair is still long. Milka refuses or always manage to convice aips to keep her hair long.

After nearly 10 years of knowing her, aips finally has long hair.

A lot of good comments from this hairstyle.

One of her colleagues also said that she looks so pretty now, just like a girl!! HAHAHAHHA

so pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety, like a girl already!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My famous friend

Aips oldest friend Lena is on the road to becoming a star.....start small small first la.

She had a role in this Chinese short movie on Astro AEC called....i forgot la, i think it was something that got to do with a dim sum dish.

here's the star before her big unveiling

a scene from the movie

Don't forget us, your friends when you make it big....i just want a BMW that's all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Singapore Pre F1 Fever

So, we were in Singapore on a stopover for 2 days. We had just arrived from Melbourne at 5am in the morning, slept a couple of hours and us being kiasu, woke up to go walk walk on Orchard Road. So Sim Wei dropped us off at Forum (nearly the top of Orchard Road) and we walked alllllllll the way to Plaza Singapura (the end-ish of Orchard Road).

So along the way, a couple of things caught my eye.

the Cadillac hanging outside Hard Rock Cafe. I have the same exact picture (although not so nice) i took when i was lepaking in Singapore when i was 12.

I just love how they did the window display at Louis Vuitton, it's damm nice. i likes....

We stopped by Lane Crawford (i wonder if it's still called that??) and saw this advertisment from a says Oral Hygiene and shows a toothbrush and hair on it.....get it?? get it??


After that we made a detour to Far East Plaza to have some Beer Battered Fish & Chips. Very nice!! This place also makes Fried Mars Bars!! Damm nice too!! However, not wanting to get a heart attack that day, we decided to have the Fish & Chips only. I did try the Fried Mars Bars was DAMM SWEET.....and for me to say that, it realllllllllly is sweeeeeeet!!

since we can't have the real thing yet, got to settle for this.

We then walked over towards Paragon to meet up with the Evers-Swindell's for lunch. Along the way, we passed by the Orchard MRT. Actually, the whole of Orchard Road is being refurbished. New buildings are popping out soon, old buildings demolished, the main Orchard Road pedestarian walkway is being upgraded, so much has changed. But when i think about it, it's about time coz the place has been the same for toooo long already.

artwork on the wall outside a new shopping complex in the making

nice way of making something normal much more interesting

So we had lunch at Paragon (pictures in the next post perhaps??) and continued walking down Orchard Road heading towards Marina Square when we were supposed to meet up again for dinner at a Mushroom Steamboat place.

No more pictures coz my feet were hurting from all that walking and all i could think about was to get some slippers on my tired feet.

Pretty much uneventfull (maybe coz i was tired and not in the mood to take some pictures) right up till dinner.....

Dinner was an overdose of i probably had mentioned earlier, no pictures of food coz i'll always eat it first and then when i remember to take a picture of it, it's finished already.

Fast forward to Day 2 in Singapore, and we were back in the City Hall area again. Wanted to get some jeans from Peninsula and also had to meet with Vicki (my sister in law) for lunch.....a VEEEEEERY late lunch at Brewerks Clarke Quay.

So, the Singapore F1 is to be held around the Marina Square area. They already had all the flood lights and the seatings stands up already. It's going to be a historical event coz it's going to be the first city circuit in asia and it's going to be the very first night race ever. The pit stop is going to be at the Esplanade (durian looking building).

first ever GP in Singapore

part of the seating in front of Marina Square

the old post office turned art gallery (i think)

the different type of beers that were brewing at Brewerks

the remainder of the King sized burger we had at Brewerks (told you i can't take a picture of it beforehand right!)

I don't know if it's true or not, i think we may have been spoiled by Australian beer. Ever since Melbourne, all the beers that we have (in Singapore and Malaysia), sucks!! The beer at Brewerks.....nothing great although Aips said it was damn good the last time she had it. And i used to love the draught beer at Chilli's, but now, it's like tasteless......die la.....must migrate to Australia already after we finish WHM-ing in UK!!

The food was ok only......maybe it's because i was already full coz we had to wait for someone who finally appeared at 3pm for lunch!!

the sisters Kui....sometimes people can't seem to tell them apart
big sister Kui is also the tiger that left us, and the main reason we needed to get the tiger tattoos....
now Vicki needs to get a dragon and horse tattoo (or spouse & child!!) to complete the synergy again!!

that's me being jakun with the mirror on the double decker bus!!

More pics of cute kids in the coming posts.......or not?? leave some comments will ya please??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oscar in Singapore

On the way back from Melbourne, we stopped over in Singapore and stayed at Casa De Evers. And every morning, this was our alarm....

soooooooooo cute!!

he lurvessss raisins.....and will always hang on to the last one and not eat it as long as he can

we had drinks at PS Cafe at Dempsey Road, a new and upcoming place in Singapore.
This new area is really nice, there's this one restaurant in a former Church....didn't have time to check it out tough, maybe next time

a waiter there gave him an oreo, and he was off running around the place, exploring and all....probably high on sugar!

and then he managed to find his way outside

with mommy...

Mother and son.....

Will post up some more pictures of Singapore soon-ish, wish i could be there for the Singapore F1 night race.

Jin Mei & Kevin's Isabel

Here are some pictures of Jin Mei & Kevin's little Isabel when they dropped by the other day.

She's just over a year old and she can already say Vietnam when asked where her daddy goes to work!!

And she knows what's in a piggy bank!! She took one of the piggy banks filled with coins and handed it over to daddy to keep!! Following in the footsteps of daddy and mommy already.

"Daddy, who's this uncle taking pictures of me??"

"I can use this for my future education"

her peek-a-boo action

Kids after a year old are soooooo cute!! Just makes you want to have some!! Then they become nightmarish when they turn 2. How la??

Mamma Mia!!

Just got back from a preview screening of Mamma Mia. Really enjoyed it. That in itself says're OLD!!

If you walked out of the cinema and you truly enjoyed the show, it means you are old enough to have heard ABBA songs when you were younger. If you didn't enjoy the show, means you don't know ABBA songs coz you're too young to have heard them.

And it's really true coz aips colleagues in Mindshare had mixed feeling about the show when they watched it last night. The 'younger' ones didn't enjoy the show (one managed to sleep!!) and the 'more mature' ones loved it to bits......


I'm sure the real musical would be nicer. We in Malaysia don't get much of these musicals. Instead of catching the Broadway Musical versions of RENT, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia to name a few, we just have to settle for watching it on DVD.

Thank goodness we're going to UK end of this year, at least we'll be able to catch some West End shows.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Happy Birthday to my beloved brader in law, Justin Kui.

if you need to your websites designed or him la!


Today, we attended a friend's sisters wedding. A bit weird going for a wedding where i am not officially the photographer. Still couldn't resist getting in a few shots from where i was sitting, just to experience what a spectator sees when one goes for a church wedding.

check out the number of photographers on hand taking pictures of the couple signing the registry!!

There's one thing i'd like to say about the Photography situation these days....cameras especially SLR's are becoming so affordable these days that nearly EVERYONE has one these days. Don't believe??? just go to Curve on a weekend and count the number of SLR's around people's neck.

Very soon, you won't need to hire photographers for you wedding already. Just go on your friends facebook and just download the pictures that you want!! hahahhah

Anyways, i got some shots of my friends and also my friend with their 4 month old baby.

this is my friend Kim & CK and their 4 month old Wu Tong (who looks like Crayon Shin Chan a bit..heheh)

Crayon....Wu Tong with his hot mama and the aunti......che che's....Ariana, Caroline, Kim (the mom) and Aips

Caroline & Aips looking pretty in dresses

Below are somemore different faces of little Wu Tong....i heard someone call him Buddha baby, but i think he really looks like Crayon Shin Chan. We're buying him clothes like Shin Chan when he gets older.....soooooooooo cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 10 - Convents, Mental Institutions, Condoms & Midgets???!!!

On this nice spring morning (winter has officially ended), we went to Abbotsford Convent for breakfast....err.....brunch la coz we woke up late. This place was a Convent and now it's turned into a bakery, deli, art space, gardens and lepak place.....quite nice and relaxing.

the bakery

a unique way to have bacon & eggs...on a pizza!! DAMM NICE!!

soooooo cheap!! (not converting it to RM)

satisfied after having her usual morning latte

the really old skool oven in the kitchen, supposedly it's over 100 years old??

Then it was time to berposing posing around the gardens, found this really Harry Potter-ish old tree and found some nice-ish light.....

Wandered around the grounds somemore and found this really old gas pump......

nice textures

Carlton Draught.....

The Convent buildings are really old and much character to it.....

yea....that's right!! keep clear of this one......if you make her angry!!


i don't know how kids these days can camwhore with an SLR, my arms were trembling.....either i need to muscle up my arms (and find my missing neck) or get a lighter SLR or just quit trying to be a a kiddie camwhore

Then it was off again to the city to meet up with the rest at the Melbourne Museum for some photos.....
the bumblebee tram

Carlton Garden fountain....

lazing in the garden while waiting for the J&F

After that, GiaMin brought us to a back a mental institution turned bar....the Croft Institute.....however it was closed....this is going to be the 1st of many visits to this back lane today.

follow the arrows if you are in need of help

is this space invaders or pac man?

So, since Croft Institute was closed we made our way to another back lane for afternoon beeeeeeeeeeeeer.......Saint Jerome's was the place to be.

the place is in a small place in between buildings

Coopers again!!

afternoon beer outdoors.....

look at what we found just next to our table......look very closely

a used Condom!! either it's a prop for the bar or someone from the building dropped it after he had done the deed!!

check out the sign on the black board

St Jeromes

love melbourne's hidden secrets

then it was time for dinner with J&J at an Irish Pub. Damm cheap, a T-Bone Steak and a pint of Guiness for AUD$20!!! Don't convert it to RM!! Where can you get that in M'sia??? A pint of Guiness in Finnigan's is already close to RM30!!! Makes you want to shift out of Malaysia!!

my beloved Brader in law and his wifey.....

After a satisfying dinner of T-Bone Steaks, Chicken Parma and Bangers & Mash, we....or I needed something we walked in search of dessert. In Melbourne, u walk, walk, walk and walk summore.....

scooby and gang was nowhere to be seen

if you crave for Chinese food (why would you want to eat Chinese food in Australia??) this supposedly is the place to go to

No standing.....

our dessert place.....the Pancake Parlour!!

And what do you have in Pancake Parlour??? Pancakes of coz (D U H ? ?! !)
Strawberries and Blueberries...or is it purple berries, or raspberries??

my brader in law and his iPhone 3G, so jealous.....should have just stolen it from him while he wasn't looking!!

Found some midgets outside of Pancake Parlour!!

After that, since the night was still young, we thought of getting more beers to wash down the sweet off we went to the Croft Institute...we actually went there before dinner but it was still closed. So this was going to be out 3rd time going into this alley.

This time, the place was open BUT....they had a theme night going on and there was going to be a cover me being kiam siap.....never go in can?? pay AUD$10 and you don't even get a beer??!!

dissapointed coz no beer!!

Was supposed to go to King's Street for Exotic Dancers but.....boh lui liao.....cannot stuff money into ..... you get what i mean. So we balik rumah la....tired after all that walking today. Will continue summore soon-ish.......(maybe tomorrow??)