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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oscar in Singapore

On the way back from Melbourne, we stopped over in Singapore and stayed at Casa De Evers. And every morning, this was our alarm....

soooooooooo cute!!

he lurvessss raisins.....and will always hang on to the last one and not eat it as long as he can

we had drinks at PS Cafe at Dempsey Road, a new and upcoming place in Singapore.
This new area is really nice, there's this one restaurant in a former Church....didn't have time to check it out tough, maybe next time

a waiter there gave him an oreo, and he was off running around the place, exploring and all....probably high on sugar!

and then he managed to find his way outside

with mommy...

Mother and son.....

Will post up some more pictures of Singapore soon-ish, wish i could be there for the Singapore F1 night race.

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