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Friday, February 27, 2009


We're going to Paris next week!! Found some good cheap tickets and accommodation on, that website is a must to find good deals on holidays, cheap theatre tickets and such....we're going by eurostar.

WOOHOOO!!! First out of London holiday!!

Anyways, was thinking of going on a Segway tour of Paris but it cost 70 euro!! So ex!! But when else would you be able to ride on a segway.....hrmm....must really think about this....70 euro = RM350.....

or just go on a bike tour for euro 22.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Batu Keras and Posh Bum

We spotted Hard Rock Cafe the other day on Park Lane and decided to stop by to check it out.

They even have a separate store just selling merchandise and also a 'Vault' (which i suppose contains more collectibles & memorabilia). The t-shirts are £17 a piece for the original HRC logo, but got some nice variations for a £1 more....but still quite ex for a t-shirt. But must la collect a t-shirt from each HRC we visit.

Then we walked over to Hyde Park corner to see some statues and/or war memorials. Wanted to check out Princess Diana's Memorial in Hyde Park but 'someone' forgot to wear extra layers and was freezing.....potong stim only!!

subway steps

In the underground tunnel we found a bum, a bum in Park Lane (check out Park Lane on the original Monopoly board, quite ex area!!), a bum in Park Lane with a bed!!! Now that's a POSH BUM!!

Posh Bum!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Wicked!!

We watched Wicked!! And damn, it was good!! I haven't watched 'The Wizard of Oz' before, but aips said that Wicked has elements from 'The Wizard of Oz' but with a twist.....i was really impressed. Really worth the £15 that we paid!! Although the seat were VEEEERRRRRRY to the side, but boleh-la.

Apollo Victoria, just next to Victoria Train Station

view from our seats, the set and costumes were VERY elaborate, got dragon summore ok!!

We actually went really early in the morning (10am is really early ok....) coz they sell 25 front row tickets at £25, but we were customers #26 & #27, so we couldn't get the good front row we settled with the cheaper £15 tickets which were not too bad.

During the intermission we noticed that the seat further up were actually had better views and we wanted to change seats, you know la, malaysians, if your cinema seats not good, just shift to empty seats right......we didn't, after kena banned from the theatre!!!

wicked poster from wikipedia

Next musical should be.......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Regent Street

This is Regent Street, probably one of the more famous upmarket shopping streets in London.

All the usual famous shops are there....and still got a lot of people shopping!! Who says got recession?? Although got some shops vacant coz closed down already. There's this music store called Zavii.....closed down most of its stores already due to the credit crunch....

Starbucks UK said that business is bad due to the UK credit crunch, so no expansion, might even close some outlets!!

Old & new.....eventough got credit crunch, still got construction mah..... got Olympics in 2012... so surely must have jobs right?

this is where i was supposed to work at....the Apple Store (if we had been in London in July last year....)

DANG the robbers!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why so serious.......

Something i found out there whilst exploring London....

Why so serioouusss.....

ordered this while i was back in KL last year, order didn't go through as the item was sold out!! Indeed it was a blessing as i got this one here even cheaper than the pre-order price....hehehhe

This, i will pass over to my future son and when he grows up, he can sell it and be rich!! hahhaha
This better be a rare collectible by then, ever since Heath's death and the success of Dark Knight.

I wonder how much my "Batman: The Killing Joke (1st Edition:1988)" is worth now, seen a hardcover reprint at a bookshop the other day....

photo from Wikipedia

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ben....Big Ben

Somewhat the 2 most famous icons of London, the Big Ben and the Underground.

Actually the architecture of the Big Ben and the Parliment buildings is just simply amazing, if you can get up close to it and see the details, you'd be impressed too....

actually the water from the Thames looks just like the water from Port Dickson, just looks like Milo.....yucks!!


Guess who had a new haircut....and a new hair colour....and all this done in London.....and for FREE!!!

Check out my wife!!

A friend of Gerry's (the soon to be relative that we're renting with) was supposed to interview for a position at a hair salon and needed to show his capabilities.....and so me & aips got new haircuts....for FREE!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Battle Ship

Don't know if the ship is fully armed, but the HMS Belfast is just sitting around the Thames for visitors to get up close to a real battle ship....

I'm sure it's there on standby just in case anything happens!! hahhahha

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Eye...

The London Eye.....Fantastic Four saved the wheel of the eye from falling into the Thames....that's what makes this Eye more special than the Eye of Malaysia and the Singapore Flyer....although the Singapore Flyer has been more dramatic with people using ropes to get off the capsules....

It's really huge when you see it in person, but i think that the Singapore Flyer takes the award for being the largest in the whole world

Check out the anchor cables that are there to make sure the London Eye doesn't fall over!!

More pictures to come....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

London Bridge is falling down....

Finally managed to get to see the one of the more famous icons of London, the London Bridge as known by everyone in the world...except that it's not actually called London Bridge, it's called Tower Bridge.

Yesterday's weather was really nice, temperatures were about 8C, so it was fine to walk and walk and walk and walk.....we walked from Trafalgar square, to Big Ben, to the London Eye, to Tate Modern, to Shakespeare's Globe, to a pub (took a break to have beer!!), to HMS Belfast (a warship...hope i got the name correct) to London's City Hall and finally to Tower Bridge....all this is along the River Thames, so just walk walk until cannot walk anymore la...

more pictures to come.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

off to the market we go...

We're camera-less since we shifted out of Acton, so these are some of the pictures we took 2 weekends ago when we went to Portobello Market at Notting's a really nice market. Got loads of different food (just like SS2 pasar malam), 2nd hand clothes, knick-knacks, fresh veggies....loads la.

dunno what is this, but it smelt nice

if you ever need buttons....any type

makan place

kamdar in a stall


check out the intricate doorway to the saloon

sexay baybeeee


cherries are REEEAAALLLYY cheap!!

a whole pig on a roast...smelt like ham yue

the travel bookshop made famous by the movie Notting Hill

famous blue doorway??

having saturday brunch...or late lunch?

big breakfast #1

big breakfast #2

big breakfast #3

sexy art

dried chillies from a spice shop

really cool grafitti

some old altimeter or speedometers..

the main attraction of notting hill........the colorful shophouses

poor dogs stuck in the car

council flats

having a drink in a warm bar after walking in the cold for soooo long

view from the top level of a double decker bus at night...

getting camera back this weekend, so hopefully more pictures.....

countdown to US trip starting reeeeeeaaaalll soooooooooon.......