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Thursday, February 12, 2009

off to the market we go...

We're camera-less since we shifted out of Acton, so these are some of the pictures we took 2 weekends ago when we went to Portobello Market at Notting's a really nice market. Got loads of different food (just like SS2 pasar malam), 2nd hand clothes, knick-knacks, fresh veggies....loads la.

dunno what is this, but it smelt nice

if you ever need buttons....any type

makan place

kamdar in a stall


check out the intricate doorway to the saloon

sexay baybeeee


cherries are REEEAAALLLYY cheap!!

a whole pig on a roast...smelt like ham yue

the travel bookshop made famous by the movie Notting Hill

famous blue doorway??

having saturday brunch...or late lunch?

big breakfast #1

big breakfast #2

big breakfast #3

sexy art

dried chillies from a spice shop

really cool grafitti

some old altimeter or speedometers..

the main attraction of notting hill........the colorful shophouses

poor dogs stuck in the car

council flats

having a drink in a warm bar after walking in the cold for soooo long

view from the top level of a double decker bus at night...

getting camera back this weekend, so hopefully more pictures.....

countdown to US trip starting reeeeeeaaaalll soooooooooon.......


WaiKit said...

whenyou guys leaving for states

Gillian said...

Hey boy boy, Notting Hill is just around the corner from Malaysia Hall - u shud go there when u get homesick - the sambal is really pedas!

JustFern said...

I remember that Makan Place! we went there for teh tarik and some nasi campur! hahaha..and it was the day before we left London! It was all Gaythri's idea! I just love the colourful houses! so lovely..

Az said...

huh? US trip? Ur going to US? Whennn? So nice...

Boss Stewie said...

miss you ai ping! you seem to be enjoying yourself in London though :)