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Monday, April 20, 2009

We're back!!!

in London.....

no internet connection in New York, we lived in Spanish Harlem, kinda ghetto but we're alive, so that's not too bad.

Been recuperating from all the traveling on planes, trains and automobiles over the US of A for the last month. Trying to sort out the thousands of photos that we took in all the cities we visited, so here's just one from NY, the Flatiron Building, it's pronounced Flat Iron Building, so get it right, aight!!

Fiona did write on the Austin trip, so head on over to the Austin post that she put up there, i didn't have my camera with me as i was too busy digging my way through all the not too healthy big portioned american food that we had too much off in Austin!!


WaiKit said...

Hi guys, for a while i was wondering what is happening, when you guys when missing hehehe.

So what is going to happen the next few weeks?

Claud said...

halo! we were in Harlem lah. that's why so ghetto - LOL! Spanish Harlem WAY on east side, not as ghetto ;)