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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Tigress has arrived!

At long last, our little tiger has finally arrived. This is what we have planned for. According to Chinese horoscope, if a family comprises of a dragon, tiger and a horse, the family is set.

so we had a horse and a dragon. and we needed a tiger. since the next tiger will only arrive in 2010, we had temporary (err...not really) tigers before this little one came.

so after 9 months of watching stomachs getting bigger (hers and mine; who said only the women get cravings....husbands share the feeling too OK!), she's finally here.

Introducing Tara!!

her official Facebook profile picture (TBA)

picture taken immediately after they cleaned her up

the very next day, more color to her soft skin

our one eyed Jill....

And some of the people who came to visit, sorry auntie Lena, auntie MJ & uncle TK, auntie Fiona & uncle Ming, daddy forgot to take a picture of you guys.....

Early early already want to follow mummy's need for a tan.