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Thursday, September 17, 2009

my iPhone 3GS

I have been lusting for the iPhone since the very first day that Steve Jobs announced it in June of 2007 (i think). Couldn't get one last time coz didn't want to jailbreak it and risk turning it into an expensive brick.

Held out when the iPhone 3G started selling in HK unlocked.

And when we were in the UK, didn't get it coz it would have meant no fish & chips and beer. So i still kept sane and not got it at an instant, although the very first day out in London, i headed out to the nearest Carphone Warehouse to look at it....and oni!!! Put on the credit card!!

And then maxis announced that it was going to launch the iPhone 3G in March when we were in London. I was thinking, I'd buy it in an instant if i was back in KL.

Then we went back to KL at the end of May.

By then rumours of a new iPhone was already making its way around the Internet.....front facing camera, matte back cover, faster processor, available in colors and much more.

Then in July, it came out, the iPhone 3GS. Nothing much new except the video camera, compass and the voice control.

Then maxis announced its arrival.

Stupid me didn't pre book it thinking that it's going to be easy to get. How stupid.

Anyways, to cut things short, after a month waiting after i booked my iPhone 3GS, it finally arrived!!

Finally, MY iPhone

and it's a 3GS, 32GB

unboxing it
(re-enactment coz they unboxed it at the maxis centre itself)

sync-ing it

the last i saw of the white back of MY iPhone 3GS, i quickly wrapped it up with a case....

So how's the experience so far?

Know why the blog has not been updated in a long time? That's coz the iPhone takes up too much of my time with all the nonsense free games, the Facebook-ing anytime and anywhere, and all the twittering (sibuk, want to find out what people are doing!!), and am still editing my contacts, the copying of the SIM from my Sony Ericsson messed up the names and numbers a bit.

I'm currently hooked to this game called Harbor Master and Tap Tap Revenge 2!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It finally arrives

After one failed car loan application, and one successful one, and weeks of waiting, the Lion finally arrives.

Yup, we took delivery of the Peugeot 206 (or locally known as the Naza 206 Bestari).

Not wanting it to be a Naza, we replaced all Naza logos with Peugeot logos, front & back lions were RM260. The car salesman also tempted aips with Peugeot rim caps....and someone got suckered into buying those too!! hahheheaheha

more proper pictures to come, this was shot while waiting for the car salesman to clean up the car before delivery. Photos taken with MY brand new iPhone 3GS!!! Woohoo!! Finally got it after weeks of waiting for it too!!