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Monday, November 3, 2008

Claudine's Wedding Dinner .... One year later!

So, Claudine & Lee (her american husband who has a chinese name??) and Glenn & Shawn came back from US of A after yearssssss of not coming back. Probably 4 to 6 years of not returning back home..... got miss the food or not??

Anyways, Claudine got hitched last year, and so we decided to have a 'wedding dinner' for her since no one was invited to the first one!! So we had dinner at Palate Pallete on a rainy sunday evening....

We had loads of good food, bottles of Moet and cake too......Claudine had a bouquet of flowers from Leech but she chucked it one side as soon as she arrived Palate Pallete.... naughty Claudette!!

Anyways, here are some pictures..... (see Karen, this one didn't take 4 1/2 years to appear!!)

this is the lovely couple, Claudine & Lee

Leech & Dr. Thiam

Shawn & Glenn

Karen & Phang Wu

The Slims with the guest of honour

Shawn hard at work

SMDJ friends

slim & leech

the US boys with the KL people

the cake

watching bits of Karen's wedding video 4 1/2 years a bit too late


upstairs....crazy pose!!

Claudine & Lee, year later......