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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


ROLFING....what's that you'd say..... no, it's not short for Rolling On the Floor Laughing (ROLF, made popular in the days of mIRC).

Rolfing is... go read it up here.

I don't know if i am correct but it's something like going to a chiropractor, but a chiropractor 'cracks' bones, a rolfer manipulates soft tissue to make you more balanced.... i think.

Anyways, aiping's old friend Amy is a rolfer and she needed some new pictures for her website which she needed to revamp.

So here are some pictures that i took for her.....

check out for more info and to book an appointment to make your body more balanced!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding Dresses....

Sometime back, i went to document MeiFern's 1st dress fitting.....errm......not a very happy subject to talk i'll just show some pictures...hehhe

the 1st thing that i saw when i arrived...cleopatra

meifern and her dress....she doesn't look too happy tough...

the bottom part

the dress adviser

the fiance, are the grooms not supposed to see their brides in the wedding dress before the wedding day?

the camera lender

However, Wendy on the other hand, fell in love with another wedding dress on display there and straight away signed a cheque for the deposit of the wedding dress for her wedding in July 2009...

she must have dreamed about this dress since young....

the back of the!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre Wedding in Rawa by Fifoto

Last week was quite fun as i had quite a number of shoots with Fifoto. The most interesting of it all is the pre-wedding shoot at Rawa Island just off Mersing!!

Wooohooooo!! Another Fifoto beach holiday/ photo shoot in 2 months!!

Anyways, it's actually off season right now, meaning not many people go to islands during this time as it is nearly monsoon and the sun may not come out as often you'd like it to come out when you're at a beach.

So, on the 2nd day of the shoot, as we were lying on the beach getting some tan & sleep, we could see very dark clouds on the horizon. And the winds, really strong that the hammock that i was on, was actually swinging!!

The couple said to Fiona, i don't think we'll be able to shoot this evening as the clouds will be unleashing it's wrath soon. But Fiona being Fiona, just casually said "No problem, it NEVER rains on Fifoto shoot!! We'll shoot late."

We waited and waited, tanning and playing in the sea and no rain was to be seen! and then it was time to shoot!!!

The moral of the story is, on Fifoto shoots, it never rains!! I'm beginning to think that Fiona was a witch doctor in a past life.

Here are some of the non-pre-wedding photos that i took... for more of the pre-wedding photos and other wedding photos, check out the Fifoto blog here.

the nice deck to chill out at

the bridal bouquet

some nice rocks and dead tree

the view that welcomed us after the hike up the hill that nearly killed me

the lone coconut tree on the way down from the hill

the beer that was badly needed after the hike up the hill!!

another boat ferrying more people to the island

me....enjoying Rawa's attraction, the slide off the jetty!! i really liked it that i went on it countless of times!!

thanks bruce and hsuan for the great time that we had at your 'special' island!!

Check out Fifoto blog for much more pictures!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A nearly 2 year old and a more than 1 year old

A long long time ago (the Capricorn trait in me has taken over, doing things half way) i took some pictures of one of aiping's friends kids.....2 actually, a nearly 2 year old and her cousin, a slightly more than 1 year old.

the nearly 2 year old and her more than 1 year old cousin

sooooooooo cute!!

mummyyyyy....the pool is just thereeeee.....can i go swiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm??

why the ground so unstable??


Friday, October 24, 2008

My very own french maid!!

Check it out, i've gotten myself my own life sized french maid!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


was rummaging through my old dvd collection and found some good shows.

watched 'American History X' and 'Rent' again....and boy, was it good!! i forgot how good these 2 movies were!!

Edward Norton never looked so 'brutal' before. Makes his Bruce Banner is this year's Hulk look so wimpy!! But it was a good movie, about how he rose up in the ranks to be the head of the white supremacist skinheads and why he wanted to get out of it in the end. You should particularly look out for the scene where he asks the black guy who was trying to hijack his car to put his mouth on the side of the pavement and then it yourself.

Rent was a musical that was out ages ago. I was introduced to it by some buddies who were in New York at that time. Bought the CD and loved it. I even managed to watch the musical on Broadway when i was in New York in 2000. LOOOOVVEEDD every minute of it. Then they decided to make the movie and it was surprisingly just as good!!

It's a story about this group of New Yorkers living life broke, trying to cope with AIDS and about relationships.... i'm sure they won't be a dry eye in the house after watching this movie.

Going to find some more good movies to watch!!

Diana Krall Jogging....(Now with more pictures!!)

2nd day of Raya was planned to be a healthy day, wake up early, eat a healthy lunch, go exercise and then have a healthy dinner....

so, we woke up late.....

had quick lunch of instant tom yam noodles with double eggs....

but we did go jogging/running....where i almost died....waiting for pictures of it from Papparazzi Lena....

but good news came when MeiFern announced that we had tickets to Diana Krall at KLCC Plenary Hall...WOOOHOOOOO!!

So, jog habis, had dinner at Lucky Loke, unhealthy dishes of fried fish with garlic, foo yee yau mug, sizzling japenese tofu, some ham yee with brinjals in claypot and spring onion chicken.....i'm sure this is the standard dishes ordered everytime there.

So a quick rush home, showered and dreesed up and we're off again to KLCCCC....

diana krall

[edited with pictures from Lena's camera]

This is the BEFORE and AFTER pics as requested by my dear Lena Ng Tsiau Tien

BEFORE: Girls Jogging

AFTER: dressed to the nines

BEFORE: Jogging

AFTER: the guys.....dressed in suits.....except me

the plenary hall

diana krall and band....overexposed. Sneaked a photo eventough it was a 'No Photography Please' Concert....

Thursday, October 2, 2008


1st day of Hari Raya, no houses to crash for some rendang, ketupat and lemang. So we did what any Malaysian bored out of their wits do, go to the Ampang lookout point.

Arrived quite early, not so many people......yet!! climbed the lookout tower there, saw some couples making out (hehhe, exgeratting as usual!), families trying to take picture of themselves with the view in the background (don't think boleh la!) and some viewing the artwork left by past visitors on the tiang of the lookout tower.

So, unloaded stuff, set up equipment, like professional like that, and started taking pictures of these 3 vain girls......

aips, meifern, lena

and was coaxed to get into the picture....colin on the farmost right

superstar caught offguard

headed to one of the restaurants there....the only one open, it's called GASoline.....aips thought it was Gas Online?!!??! Can there ever be a online restaurant?? and don't ask about the me!!

the grilled cheese chicken miniature....the picture on the menu was WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY better!! quite dissapointing, better to have the SS3 Chicken Chop.

same as above but just different timing....

Tried taking some HDR shots, High Dynamic Range i think, and this is the result. Either i don't know how to process it or the weather was not really good. Too many clouds perhaps????

5:00pm HDR

7:30pm HDR

Driver, navigator, photographer......o how they make full use of me!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Let me tell you a story.....

Late one night, A & Z was walking down a narrow road lined with parked cars just outside a popular entertainment place.

Then, C in a car, abruptly came out of a parking spot/waiting area and scraped D's car AND also narrowly missed knocking down A!!

how it happened

So, C stopped after hearing the scrapping sounds, came down to inspect the damage....but Z, blood already boiling coz A (A is Z's REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY good friend) was nearly knocked down, walked right up to C's window to scold her.

Z, being really pissed off, started shouting at C, saying that C's crazy and C shouldn't drive when under the influence coz C nearly knocked A down. Then C got angry coz Z was cursing & shouting, so C also started shouting and cursing and this went on ...... and on ... and more vulgarities were exchanged and more hand gestures were exchanged. So another of A & Z's friend had to pull Z back, if not, it would have been just like a scene out of an X-Men movie, when Wolverine fought Sabretooth, then the police would have had to come to haul Z & C's asses to jail for ..... disturbance of the peace.

While walking away, Z was still giving hand gestures and C was still shouting.... (C must have really been under the influence coz C was still like that even tough C was obviously in the wrong!!)

All this while poor D, in the car that was scraped was dumbfounded coz instead of D being in the position of angerness coz D's car got scrapped, D had to watch Z & C fight it out.

What's most shocking, is that Z is capable of all that......Don't Mess With The 'Z'ohan!!!

NOTE: The above events are a recap of the real incident and is not fictional. Names have been replaced to protect the identities of the people involved.